My passion and enthusiasm show in all facets of my life. Whether professionally or personally, I invest 100% in all that I do.


I pride myself on doing my work well. I am adaptable and willing to accept challenges as they come.


I'm happiest when surrounded by loved-ones. I love meeting new people and working in teams.

I'm Sam.

I've always said I get by with a little help from my friends. I am a loyal friend and value relationships with others above all else. Relationship-building is the heart of public relations and is why I chose to pursue a career in this field. Within public relations, I have a specific interest in public affairs, crisis communications and governmental relations.

My personality type is described as “The Protagonist” (ENFJ). I find it natural and easy to communicate with others and take pride in motivating and encouraging people around me.

I’m often on the move and enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle. I enjoy multitasking and value personal achievement. I love to travel, try new restaurants, spend time with friends and family and sip on strong coffee. Please take a look around my website to get a glimpse of my experience and portfolio.

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