Chief of Staff

Auburn University Student Government Association

My role as chief of staff is to facilitate communication between nine executive board members and six branches of SGA. I'm in charge of directing all 144 members to ensure the executive team's goals are met and helping to execute the strategic plan of the organization. I must coordinate cabinet meetings as well as the transition of each member into the new term.

Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing

Alpha Chi Omega Panhellenic Sorority

As Vice President of PR and Marketing, I was tasked with creating promotional content for the chapter's social media outlets, website and blog while adhering to the chapter's brand image in unison with the national standard of our sorority. As a member of the executive team, I oversaw the PR and Marketing committee initiatives as well as helped to lead the chapter in various decisions.


The activities I've been involved with at Auburn have been some of the most impactful experiences. Through my time in Student Government Association, Alpha Chi Omega and other organizations, I have gained valuable experience in problem-solving, event planning, organizational skills, time management and teamwork.